Havens Winery Syrah, Napa Valley 2014

Havens Winery Syrah, Napa Valley 2014

The Vineyard and Winemaking: The grapes for our Havens 2014 Syrah Napa Valley are selected from several of the best vineyards in the eastern hills of Napa Valley. The rocky, well drained soils and mild microclimate create an optimal environment in which to grow Syrah grapes. The patience of our growers allows the grapes to achieve an intensity and concentration that is trulyunique. The grapes are picked and crushed with the utmost care and the resulting juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Then the wine is transferred to a mix of French and Americak Oak barrels that allow its tannins to mellow while enhancing the wine’s natural spice and complexity.

Harvest Date: October 7th - 9th, 2014

Alcohol: 14.5% pH: 3.66 Acidity: 6.2 g/L . Fermentation: Stainless steel Barrel Aging: 10 months in French and American Oak Blend: 100% Syrah

Appellation: Napa Valley

Tasting Notes: Peppery spice and red fruit greet the nose in this wine. The flavors unfold in layers of blueberries, art plums, black cherries, oak, and vanilla. Every sip of this well-balanced, full-bodied wine is backed by a spicy, juicy finish. This versatile Syrah can be enjoyed with a wide variety of foods or on its own, but pairs beautifully with hearty stews, steak or lamb with rich sauces, pasta dishes, eggplant parmesan, or Cornish game hens.


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